About Us

Over one hundred years ago, in Bridgeport CT, Frank Hitchcock hired an engineer by the name of John W. Brown to design and build gasoline marine engines.

Fourteen years later, Mr. Brown purchased Hitchcock Marine for ten thousand dollars. From that day to the present, there has always been a John Brown at the helm of Hitchcock.

Shortly after the sale was finalized, the family decided to stop manufacturing engines and focus their efforts on repairing engines and boats.

The 1930’s were an exciting time when a 600 ton marine railway was constructed to repair boats in the yard. The Brown family was also instrumental in the development of the first submarine. They worked with the sub’s inventor Simon Lake and proudly, John W. Brown was on board for its maiden test drive.

The US government kept Hitchcock busy working on boats during World War II. After the war, the oyster and fishing industries kept the company growing. John W. Brown continued to play an active role till his death at age 92.

A new age of Browns, John Jr., Richard and Evelyn came on board. In the early 60’s, expansion was on the top of their agenda and with the purchase of Lewis Oyster Company, they increased the land area and built a marina.

John III, part of the fourth generation, joined the business in 1993. Later in the 90’s the marina was sold to the city of Bridgeport for redevelopment purposes.

Hitchcock moved to the town of Stratford where it remains in business today. We hope to continue serving the boating community for a long time to come!

Hitchcock Landmark Marine